ACH “Direct Debit” and “Direct Credit”

QNB is offering “Corpay service” that is connected to the Automated Clearing House under the supervision of CBE, enables you to manage and perform your company bulk payments (Direct Credit) and Collections (Direct Debit) transactions flow in EGP easily and securely.

Features and benefits:

  • The Corpay is user friendly and saves time and efforts
  • Flexibility in setting the transfers collections amounts as there is no minimum or maximum limit and allows you tracing the status of each transaction
  • Highest security standards through hard token device in addition to the multiple level of authorities


Bulk payments (Direct Credit)

  • Convenient method to make deposits into beneficiary’s accounts (ex: suppliers payment, payroll, money transfer, pensions, dividends) without the need to visit the bank
  • The transactions will be executed automatically on the date you have specified
  • No more penalties as payments will be debited from the company’s account and credited to beneficiary’s accounts on time and automatically

Bulk Collections (Direct debit)

  • Convenient method for bill collection (from: subscribers, individuals, etc…) as it will reduce the collection load on the company
  • No past due in the collection of installments or bills as it will be debited on time and automatically to your account


Terms and conditions apply

For more information, please call 19700 or visit nearest branch

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