Custody Securities and Services

Custody Securities & Services

QNB is considered one of the pioneer banks in providing custody services to the clients dealing in securities within the Egyptian stock exchange and is one of the largest custodians operating in securities custody and trading, aiming to support the Egyptian stock market as one of the most important investment fields which reflects on the economic activities in Egypt.

QNB enjoys a blend of local experience, based on decades of confidence in dealing within the Egyptian market as well as the international expertise and always aiming to provide specialized securities services for the capital market transactions with the highest quality and the best standards as well as the latest systems and the state of the art technological means to meet the clients’ needs.

Offered services:

  • Clients coding
  • Settlement of transactions executed at EGX and the Interbank Bonds’ Market
  • Dematerializations by depositing physical shares in bookkeeping system
  • Issuing securities statement and movement
  • Clients portfolio transfer from and to other custodians
  • Clients code conjunction
  • Coupons collection
  • Subscription on corporate events such as (capital increase, tender offers, Initial public offering)
  • Issue freezing certificates
  • Treasury bonds coupons and tax settlements
  • Pledge and release pledge

Clearing Bank

We tailored special dedicated package to suite our Brokerage companies’ clients including the full range of all required banking products and services.


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To apply, e-mail us on CAI-CUSTODY-SERVICE@QNB.com.eg and a bank representative will contact you shortly 

For more information, please call 19700 or visit nearest branch

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