Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion Accounts

In light of QNB AlAHLI strategy to support the financial inclusion and to attract new segments working in the field of commercial or professional activity such as various specialties of handicrafts to deal with the banking sector. We are pleased to launch financial inclusion accounts for Micro Enterprises and Economic Sector and facilitating the opening accounts procedures with the least documents and providing them with banking services and products that meet the needs of their businesses. In addition, coping with the digital trend pace providing electronic payment acceptance products to overcome the traditional cash collections risk and decrease the cash usage.

Target clients:

Micro Enterprises

Businesses with a turnover of one million pounds or less / paid-in capital less than 50,000 pounds for establishments that started their activity less than a year ago and do not have all the documents to open the account


Economic Sector

Owners of economic activities such as business owners and handicrafts who do not have any documents (such as crafts, electrician, plumber, carpenter, owners of commercial pages on social media .... etc.)


What we offer to our Financial Inclusion Clients

Aamaly  package:

Financial Inclusion 


Maximum Account 


Daily Debit  Monthly Debit
Micro Entreprises EGP500K EGP80K EGP400K
Economic Sector EGP500K EGP60K EGP200K

Also, the financial inclusion clients can enjoy the below banking products

  • Payment acceptance such as (POS, QR, m-Visa scan to pay)
  • Prepaid Meeza card
  • Time deposits

Required documents for opening Financial Inclusion Accounts

Micro Enterprises

One of the following documents in addition to the national ID of the establishment owner

  • Valid Commercial register
  • Copy of the Activity License
  • Copy of valid Taxation Card
  • Field investigation to ensure the client’s Activity/ activity location and through outsource company considering the service level agreement:

             3 working days inside Cairo

             5 working days outside Cairo


Economic Sector

Only National ID if profession is stated in the National ID. And If the profession is not stated in the National ID, so at least one of the below proof to be verified:

1- Invoices from trustworthy suppliers known to the bank

2- Rental or ownership contract of a vocational workshop (in case of a craft worker such as carpenter, plumber, worker … etc.) and state the following:

  • Company name
  • The name of the responsible for the company
  • Nature of activity
  • The premises should be a shop only

3- Digital Platform (Facebook and Instagram)

  • Age not less than 18 years old
  • No. of followers not less than 2000
  • Frequency of posts no later than two weeks
  • Page creation date not less than six months
  • Admin creation page screenshot to confirm that the client is the one of the owners of the page
  • Confirmation that the page bears the blue sign (optional)
  • Mobile number mentioned in the page is the same client / work number (optional)

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