QNB partners with Qatari Red Crescent to support the QR220000 Eid Gift project

Posted on : Sun, 13 Sept 2009

Doha, 13 September 2009 - As an extension of its community engagement policy, QNB has extended its support to the Eid Gift project, an annual charity drive conducted by the Qatari Red Crescent to help needy families in Qatar.

This sponsorship is part of the Bank’s policy of supporting charitable institutions in projects that support the development of society.

The Qatari Red Crescent thanked QNB for supporting the Eid Gift project with a donation of QR220,000.

The society also thanked QNB for its continuing support and for being one of the most reliable partners for humanitarian projects in Qatar. The Eid Gift program will serve many needy families inside and outside Qatar.

QNB’s support of this initiative is part of the Bank’s corporate social responsibility mandate which highlights the importance of participating in society and narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor, enabling people of all social backgrounds to live in harmony, especially in participating in the joy of special occasions such as Eid.

QNB extends its support to a number of local organizations which play important roles in improving the psychological and social state of children and families with difficulties. These include Al Noor Institute for the Blind, Qatar National Cancer Society, Qatar Orphans Foundation, Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs, Qatari Red Crescent, Qatar Charity and other non-profit organizations.

The Qatar Red Crescent society’ has 8 priority objectives which it wishes to accomplish by the end of 2010. These center on improving the lives of the needy by activating humanitarian energy in and outside Qatar, based on a strategy the society has been implementing since 1990.

The Qatari Red Crescent operates in four essential fields; preparing for and encountering disasters, health care and related services, rehabilitation, and supporting people in need which are all underpinned by a constant drive to enhance the capabilities of the organization to fulfil these objectives.

The Qatari Red Crescent is also working on eight major priority areas which include: 1- Qamar program, 2- The local health services program, 3- The institutional development program (Binaa), 4- Securing financial resources for its operations, 5- Reinforcing its role in humanitarian services, 6- Entering the scientific research arena, 7- Inspiring more volunteers, 8- Opening new centers of service  

In order to achieve these goals, the Qatari Red Crescent has formulated a strategic plan that includes various stages of preparation, execution and evaluation to realize its vision for 2010, while assessing its achievements over the period and formulating recommendations for a new phase of strategic planning.