QNB Continues to strengthen banking knowledge in children through its educational initiatives

Posted on : Sun, 14 June 2015

Doha 14 June 2015- QNB, One of the World’s Strongest Banks, recently organised competitions and entertainment programs on the sidelines of the bank’s visit to local schools in the State of Qatar. The visits were held to reinforce the Group’s efforts to spread awareness among the future generations about the importance of managing financial resources and encouraging them to save for a better future.

These visits were also in continuation of the Bank’s initiative launched at the start of the school year by issuing the “Money Made Easy” book, which aims to explain financial terms to students over 9 years old in a simplified, modern way.

During their school visits, the QNB staff explained the book’s chapters in an exciting manner as well as rewarding the most active participants with prizes of miniature ATMs bearing the QNB logo that work as moneyboxes that encourage them to save and invest.

QNB also offers the “Money Made Easy Book” app on mobile phones, which can be downloaded from the ITunes store in both Arabic and English, to guarantee reaching a wider portion of students from all over the State of Qatar.

The book constitutes one of QNB’s initiatives that fall within the Group’s vision to focus on education, as one of the key elements of the bank’s CSR strategy. The initiative was carried out with the help of partners from various educational institutions and schools. QNB’s CSR officials distributed the books to the students through field visits, to guarantee the book’s accessibility to the widest range of ages among students. This is in effort to introduce students to the basic financial, banking, and economical terms used daily in budgets, commerce, and banking services, as well as the finances and tools of the trade.

The “Money Made Easy” book was well received by schools and teachers, who applauded the bank’s activeness in its role as a socially responsible national institution. They further assured that the initiative deserves praise, due to its support of the educational process and its contribution to the goals of the 2030 Qatar National Vision.