QNB launches Salary Continuation Plan

Posted on : Wed, 17 Oct 2012

Doha, 17 Oct 2012 - QNB the largest financial institution in the State of Qatar, and the MENA region, has launched its Salary Continuation Plan. This latest QNB Plan ensures that in the event of sudden life changing situations, QNB customers and their families are taken care of financially.

Through the Salary Continuation Plan, QNB will protect its customers and their immediate family in the event of permanent disability, hospitalization or the accidental loss of life .

QNB in partnership with MetLife Alico, a global leader in the insurance industry, have designed a simple Salary Continuation Plan. This program is designed to protect customers through an easy and yet affordable plan. By putting away a small portion of their salary monthly, in the event of unfortunate circumstances, QNB customers will have access to either a lump sum payout or a daily income.

One of the benefits of the program is provided in the event of the accidental loss of life or the permanent total disability, in which QNB customers will have a lump sum payout of the individual’s last 12 month salary. The maximum pay out for this can be QR 500,000. This will be credited directly to the individual’s QNB account and ease the financial burden in a difficult time.

In addition,, the plan will also offer Daily In-Hospital Income Benefit. if an individual is faced with hospitalisation due to a traumatic experience.

QNB is always looking out for its customers to ensure that it is the institution of choice for customers.

For more information please visit the QNB website http://www.qnb.com.qa or your nearest QNB branch.