QNB and Ooredoo cooperate to provide Mobile Money Payroll service

Posted on : Tue, 20 Oct 2015

Doha, 20 October 2015 - QNB, the leading financial institution in the Middle East and North Africa, and Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading communications company, today announced the launch of a salary deposit service for employees of companies operating in Qatar through “Mobile Money Payroll”. This service will include a special debit card for employees that they can use on ATMs and Point of Sale machines (POS).

Mobile Money Payroll, one of Ooredoo’s financial services, is the first service of its kind in the region that enables companies to directly deposit payments for employees to their Mobile Money Wallets. It is an important step for employers and employees.

Companies operating in Qatar will be able to pay their employees’ salaries directly into their Mobile Money Wallet accounts in a convenient and low cost manner. This electronic system for employee salary transfers is safer and more efficient than traditional salary payments by cheques or cash.

This service is offered in line with the new “Wage Protection System” initiative launched by the Qatari government, which offers numerous benefits and added security to employees.

The Mobile Money Wallet service provides a range of features for employees, including enabling them to make direct transfers home via their mobile, easy-to-understand finance management benefits, the provision of a safer, more convenient option instead of having to carry cash, and much more. The service also offers high levels of security and is easy to monitor and follow-up, and it also reduces the risk of fraud and loss of salary by employees.

It is notable that QNB is one of the biggest partners of Ooredoo. The two have previously cooperated to provide many premium services to customers, including Wi-Fi in all QNB’s branches and CCTV cameras which Ooredoo provides to enhance security at QNB’s branches and ATMs, among other high-end innovations.

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