QNB launches the “QNB Commodity Fund”

Posted on : Mon, 21 Apr 2014

Doha, April 21st; 2014 – QNB, The World’s Strongest Bank, launched its “QNB Commodity Fund”, an innovative and State-of-the-Art investment tool that is regulated by Qatar Central Bank and provides a cutting edge growth potential to investors.

“QNB Commodity Fund” invests in a wide range of commodities, including precious metals, industrial metals, agricultural products and energy-related resources such as oil and gas. As such, “QNB Commodity Fund” provides an innovative blend of enhanced opportunities of long-term growth with a satisfactory level of risk diversification,

Why invest in QNB Commodity Fund?

• Commodity offer an appealing and well diversified form of alternative investment, in that they tend to respond differently to changing market conditions, when compared with more mainstream equity and fixed income markets.

• This fund-based investment offers the potential for capital appreciation, in alignment with similar potential growth in the value of individual Commodity

• In general, commodity markets tend to benefit from the favorable supply/demand dynamics associated with population expansion, while production constraints as well as the impact of finite resources can hinder supply, further promoting capital appreciation.

QNB Commodity Fund is the first of a kind that is regulated by Qatar Central Bank” QCB” and will be managed by QNB Group. Investments are accepted from Qatari and non-Qatari individuals, as well as from corporate investors. This is an open-ended mutual fund with monthly subscription and redemptions. The Fund is denominated in Qatari Riyals and the minimum investment is QR 20,000.

QNB is always seeking ways to enhance the range of attractive investment opportunities available to its customers. The launch of the QNB Commodity Fund is a live testament on such creative and innovative approach.