Posted on : Wed, 23 June 2010

QNB and Qtel will continue to offer payment solutions via 270 payment terminals in Qatar including over 160 QNB ATMs

Doha, 23 June 2010 – Qatar National Bank (QNB) today announced the final batch of weekly winners in its inaugural campaign awarding Blackberry 9700 to Qtel customers completing Pre- and Post-paid transactions via QNB ATMs.

The winners for the period from 7-15 June 2010 are: Muhammad Umar Akbar, Walid Majid Ali Mishal, Mohammed Salem Al-Naimi, Maqsood Ibrahim Adam, Magdi Wajid Hamu, Ali Ahmed Hassan, and Hatem El Hadj Ammar, who are all non-QNB customers of Qtel. The winners also included two QNB customers: Uwe Wendland, Raed Hamza Mikdad.

Each winner received a Blackberry 9700 handset from QNB officials during an official prize distribution ceremony held at QNB’s C-Ring Road Branch in Doha.

As part of the introductory campaign for this service, from 16 May to 15 June 2010, customers using QNB ATMs to access Qtel purchase or payment services were automatically entered into daily prize draws with 30 winners being drawn from the many hundreds of individuals who used QNB ATMs to complete their Qtel transactions during this period.

QNB and Qatar Telecom (Qtel) in May 2010 together launched the best alternative payment terminal network in the country for Pre- and Post-Paid Qtel customers. This currently includes 270 terminals across the country, including over 160 QNB ATMs.

This joint service, which has been widely welcomed by Qtel customers, was launched in response to growing demand for more alternative payment channels that ensure ease of access and efficiency.

As two of Qatar’s leading institutions in their sectors, both QNB and Qtel have dedicated significant technology resources to ensure these services continue to be available to all Qtel customers into the future.

QNB ATMs, which are among the most advanced in the country, will continue to offer the same services to Pre- and Post-paid customers.

These include 24/7 payment and top-up services for Qtel customers, helping them save time by avoiding queues. Qtel customers can locate any QNB ATM in their vicinity and complete payments or pre-paid purchases within minutes while having their Qtel accounts credited instantly.

Qtel customers can access a range of pre-paid services including HALA Pay As You Talk direct top-ups, Ebhar internet vouchers, Q-Cards for landlines and payphones, and Dawli vouchers for international calling.

Post-paid customers can also pay their Shahry, mobile broadband, residential fixed line or Mozaic package bills instantly at any QNB ATM.

All Qtel transactions carried out at a QNB ATM are instantly reflected in the user’s Qtel account. This is supported by a unique agreement between the two to link their interfaces in real time.

This is the first service in the country to offer cross-platform functionality in real time to Qtel users featuring all the services, benefits and security of a Qtel Self Service Machine, including free airtime Bonus Credits for each Hala top-up, proportional to the purchase.

QNB is also currently the only bank that offers these services to Qtel customers regardless of whether they use a QNB card or cards that have been issued by other banks, making it just as easy to complete these secure transactions at any QNB ATM or Qtel Self Service Machine.