QNB Reduces Foreign Money Transfer Fees by 60%

Posted on : Tue, 28 July 2009

Doha, 28 July 2009 – In line with its continuous efforts to offer its customers the best banking services and provide them with care and assistance through its offerings, Qatar National Bank (QNB) announced the reduction of Foreign Money Transfer fees carried out via EAZYLife, the Bank's suite of eBanking channels, by 60%.

QNB's EAZYinternet service, which offers instant banking services online, is fast becoming a preferred transaction medium for the Bank's customers. EAZYinternet provides high security, in addition to giving customers the benefit of authorizing their transactions from the convenience of their personal computers 24-hours a day, including the weekends.

It is also an incentive for customers to complete remittances online, enabling them to both monitor the status of each payment, as well as send money to their beneficiaries in the shortest time possible.

This move to reduce the fees on Foreign Money Transfers using EAZYLife is part of a broader reduction in fees and tariffs that QNB announced for a number of its products and services, commencing 1 July 2009.

This initiative is part of QNB’s commitment to providing the best banking solutions to its customers. The Bank prides itself on being the people’s partner and the leader in offering the best deals on the market.

Through this offer, QNB aims at encouraging the customers to use its online banking services without the need to visit its branches in order to make the most of the offer's preferential prices, in addition to updating the Bank's existing services and coping with the developments and growth of the banking sector.

The Bank also works towards providing its customers with the care they deserve as they form the backbone of the banking sector's development as well as gaining their loyalty and creating a comprehensive banking environment that attracts customers to utilize banking services.

From July 2009, QNB also reduced by 25% the fees for Outward Money Transfers via QNB branches, such as demand drafts and pay orders to QNB customer accounts abroad or by direct debit.

QNB has recently cancelled the fees on the minimum balance of funds for QNB's Current, Savings, Savings Plus & Call account holders without affecting the benefits and features of these services, as of 1 July 2009.