QNB Holds Graduation Ceremony for its Foundation & Core Credit Skills Development Programs

Posted on : Sun, 29 Mar 2015

Doha, 29 March, 2015 - QNB “One of the World’s Strongest Banks”, held a graduation ceremony for its Foundation & Core Credit Skills Development Programs.

The ceremony marked the successful completion of the program, which provided employees with important skills and qualifications within the financial field, provided them with high-level skills in credit relationship management and a step-by-step reorganization of the lending process.

The programs were delivered in cooperation with Omega Performance Corporation, and was composed of 18 modules. These modules were focused on three key areas: financial accounting for lenders, commercial loans to businesses, and credit relationship management. In addition to the study modules, the program required its participants to successfully pass 15 on-line assessments with a passing score of over 80%.

QNB Group is always keen on developing its employees’ skills and qualifications to help them in their careers and provide the Qatari and international markets with skilled professionals to enrich the global workforce across its network of operations.

The Group currently operates in more than 27 Countries and across 3 continents. It has approximately 14,500 employees in 615 office locations.