QNB Holds Graduation Ceremony for its Supervisory Development Program

Posted on : Mon, 09 Mar 2015

Doha, 9 March, 2015 - QNB “one of the World’s Strongest Banks”, held a graduation ceremony to celebrate the Bank employees who successfully completed its Group Supervisory Development Program, endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

The ceremony celebrated 79 entrants’ successful completion of the program, which provided them with additional skills and qualifications in their work, reinforcing their management and supervision capabilities.

The program was composed of six modules, and focused on developing the candidates’ supervisory skills, providing them with skills that enable them to understand and apply the concept of supervision and relate it to their respective roles and responsibilities. This will help enhance communication skills with all levels of employee for cross functional effectiveness, comprehension and adoption of appropriate leadership skills for various situations, understanding of individual and group behaviors in relation to motivation and team building, and management of difficult situations in the work environment.

QNB currently operates in more than 26 Countries and across 3 continents. It has approximately 14,500 employees in 615 office locations.

The QNB Group always strives to provide its employees with learning and development opportunities to develop their skills and help them excel in their career, raising the bar of professionalism and cementing itself as a prime contributor to the Qatari and international workforce across its global network of operations.