Corporate Credit Cards

Your gateway to a world of benefits

QNB Corporate Credit Cards deliver a world class service that ensures flexibility to manage your cash flow and control your payments, while providing reporting and analytical tool services together with an outstanding loyalty programme.

The convenience they provide can effectively help build your business. Choose either one or both – QNB Corporate Credit Card or QNB Corporate Executive Credit Card .

Features and Benefits

  • Easy worldwide access to a revolving line of credit to meet your company’s working capital and cash flow needs

  • Multiple cards linked to a single credit limit, with separate usage limits for each cardholder, and payment controls for each individual card

  • Increased efficiency that saves time for core business development

  • Comprehensive travel benefits – Airport Lounge Access across the world, Travel Insurance, Corporate Liability Waiver, and much more

  • An attractive interest rate of only 1.75% per month

  • Cash flow support with a period of up to 45 days of interest-free credit for all your card purchases

  • Simplified reconciliation and accounting with online statements and Smart Data service

  • Enhanced security through Chip & PIN technology and automatic SMS alerts after every use

  • Top of the line security when paying online at 3D Secure merchants

  • Contactless enabled card that makes it very easy to pay for low-value transactions

  • Life Rewards loyalty programme designed to reward you for all card purchases


Get the best out of your QNB Corporate Credit Card

Use your QNB Corporate Credit Card rather than cash or cheque to pay for your everyday business expenses – government payments, general office maintenance and repairs, stationary, utilities, online purchases, business travel expenses, etc. – and:

  • Get rewarded every time with Life Rewards loyalty points to enjoy the unique benefits attached to your card

  • Obtain transparency through reporting, controlling and reconciliation using Smart Data service

  • Enhance your negotiations with suppliers using Smart Data

For further inquiries on QNB Corporate Credit Cards, please contact your dedicated Corporate Banking Relationship Manager.

Airport Lounge Access

Mastercard Airport Lounges Access

Escape the crowded airport and work, rest or unwind in luxury at select lounges around the world using our exclusive lounge access programs.

Mastercard has partnered with DragonPass to bring you a digital and contactless experience when accessing the airport lounges. Simply follow the steps below to enjoy the lounge benefit:

  • VIP treatment at more than 1,000 airport lounges worldwide
  • Quiet spaces to relax and escape the stress of the terminal
  • Complimentary amenities such as WIFI, business centers, refreshments and snacks, and much more


Simply follow the steps below to enjoy the lounge benefit:

  • Download the “Mastercard Airport Pass MEA” from Google Play or App Store,
  • Register your QNB Mastercard World credit card
  • Generate and present your unique QR code to the lounge receptionist to access the lounge*

For the complete list of the participating international airport lounges as well as to check your complimentary lounge, access entitlement, please visit https://mastercardmea.dragonpass.com/

*Any visits on top of your available entitlement will be subject to a fee of USD32 per lounge visit.

Terms and conditions of each local market will apply. Subject to availability in each market.


How can the cardholder know eligible lounges?

The cardholder can browse the mobile app for the list of eligible lounges.

Can the cardholder still access the LoungeKey services?

The cardholder can still access LoungeKey services by 28 February 2022 after which this service will be fully discontinued, being replaced with DragonPass.

What are the amenities at each of these lounges?

Each lounge has its own set of amenities. The cardholder can search for a particular lounge in the app and get various details including opening times, directions, terminal etc.

Can the cardholder bring an additional guest?

Yes they can. However, an additional guest fee of 32 USD will be levied

Mastercard Benefits


Whether you’re travelling abroad or in Qatar, you can enjoy the following selected benefits brought to you by QNB in partnership with Mastercard.

Travel Insurance – to protect you when you are travelling

By purchasing your travel tickets with your QNB Corporate Credit Card, you and your family (spouse and children) can benefit from comprehensive travel insurance, covering personal accidents, medical expenses, and travel inconveniences (trip delay, trip cancellation, lost or damaged baggage, etc.).

Who is insured?

As long as you’re a Primary or Supplementary QNB Corporate Credit Card holder, aged between 18 years and 69 years, you are insured, provided that air tickets and/or hotel accommodations have been paid using your card. Coverage is valid from the time you leave the country until you return, with a maximum of a 180-day stay.

What events are insured?

  • Travel accidents up to 50,000 USD

  • Medical expenses as a result of injury or sickness up to 100,000 USD

  • Emergency medical evacuation up to 100,000 USD

  • Daily in-hospital cash benefit up to 75 USD per 24 hours

  • Trip cancellation or curtailment up to 3,000 USD

  • Trip delay up to 300 USD, in excess of 4 hours

  • Personal liability up to 100,000 USD

  • Bail bond up to 10,000 USD

  • Emergency family repatriation up to 5,000 USD

  • Lost/damaged baggage up to 1,500 USD, subject to a single item max limit of 300 USD

  • Baggage delay up to 300 USD, in excess of 4 hours


How to file a claim

Any claim must be submitted within 90 days from the occurrence of any insured event by logging in to Mastercard’s portal: https://www.mcpeaceofmind.com.


Terms and Conditions apply . Please review the Terms and Conditions applicable to this service:


Corporate Liability Waiver – insurance to protect your business

This protects the company against unauthorized use of any QNB Corporate Credit Card by its employees, up to a maximum annual amount of 25,000 USD per cardholder and 1,600,000 USD per company per annum.

Terms and Conditions apply . Please review the Terms and Conditions applicable to this service:


My Book Qatar - hundreds of 2 for 1 offers in Qatar and abroad

Make use of hundreds of complimentary offers in Qatar and abroad across fine dining, spas and many other leisure activities, such as:

  • A complimentary main menu item when one main menu item is purchased

  • A complimentary therapeutic massage when one therapeutic massage is purchased

  • A complimentary one night’s hotel stay when one night is purchased

As a QNB Corporate Credit Card holder, you will have access to up to 1,400 offers from 400 outlets.

How to redeem offers

If you do not have a My Book account, just download the My Book app and register with the first 6 digits of your QNB Corporate Credit Card.

If you already have a My Book account, just register your card in-app in Settings – Mastercard Membership.


Global WIFI Access – stay connected while on the move

Simply register your card at www.wifi.boingo.com to enjoy WIFI access around the globe:

  • Fast, premium quality WIFI access globally

  • Free, unlimited access on up to 4 devices

  • Single-account, one-click solution makes getting online easy

  • Speeds 4x faster than the global average broadband speed

  • Available at over 1 million hotspots across 100 countries and at different locations like airports, hotels, restaurants, convention centers, transportation hubs, inflight and more.


Priceless Cities – experiences around the world

Mastercard is pleased to offer you a global collection of special offers in 77 Cities, available to QNB Corporate Credit Card holders across 43 countries.

Our Priceless Cities programme brings you a unique collection of over 2,000 experiences and offers especially curated for Mastercard cardholders, from dining to travel and entertainment.

Simply visit https://www.priceless.com/ to enjoy.

Discounted Rides with Careem – monthly discounts on chauffeured rides

When you travel across countries in the Middle East with your QNB Corporate Credit Card, you can enjoy:

  • 20% discount on 3 rides each calendar month

  • A free first ride (for new Careem customers only)

VAT Reclaim Service - end-to-end solutions to manage VAT expenditure through DNATA

You can now reclaim VAT on service expenses accumulated on business travel in 18 countries through DNATA and Mastercard at a preferential rate on a fully managed service.

To start using this service and benefit from an additional source of revenue at no extra cost, contact the service supplier at vatreclaim@dnata.com or +974 4448 4848.

The service supplier will handle all VAT refund claims on your behalf and will retain a small percentage of the VAT recovered, as agency fee. If no reclaim is possible, rest assured that there will be no additional charges whatsoever.


All benefits provided by Mastercard can be changed at any time, and QNB is not liable for such changes.

Smart Data


Smart Data is a Mastercard proprietary solution for global card reporting, business intelligence and expense management, enabling:

  • The enrichment of the card expenses data, adding more details to help you better understand your cardholder usage

  • Reconciliation benefits via reporting capabilities and/or data file integration to all major ERP programmes; output files can be easily uploaded to your finance system for easy reconciliation

  • Improved negotiation power with your suppliers based on reporting capabilities (i.e. using the total expenses for a specific time period on a supplier)

Smart Data allows you to monitor, manage and control any company’s expenses performed with your QNB Corporate Credit Card. Your Card transaction data is enriched with Mastercard’s proprietary enhanced travel data to provide you with a unique solution to reconcile all spending by offering you templated or bespoke reporting on all expenses.

Life Rewards

Earn rewards on your company spend

Earning Life Rewards Points

Every time you use your QNB Corporate Credit Card for purchases (either at POS or online) you will be awarded with Life Rewards points based on your card type and purchase type, as follows:

Product Type

All other purchases

Government Spending

(Identified as MCC 9399)

Corporate Executive T&E

1 point for every QR 4.5 spent

1 point for every QR 15 spent

Corporate T&E Premium Plus

1 point for every QR 5 spent

Corporate T&E Premium

1 point for every QR 5 spent

Corporate T&E Standard

1 point for every QR 5 spent


In addition, all companies that do not hold a Card Facility and that apply for such a facility from the Bank , shall be entitled to one-time Welcome Points, in the amounts 10,000 Life Rewards points.

Redeeming Life Rewards Points

QNB offers you a wide range of redemption options including a broad network of partners. You can redeem  your Life Rewards points in our extensive selection of over 1000 outlets in Qatar; high quality partners, spanning across fashion, jewelry & accessories, electronics, hypermarkets, casual dining, fine dining, 5-star hotel accommodation, spa treatments and much more. Every 20 Life Rewards points is equal to QAR 1. Click here to find our exclusive partners.

Terms and Conditions for QNB Commercial Cards

Payment Controls


QNB is aware that managing and controlling your payments represent a key factor of your payment needs. As such, QNB offers tailored, bespoke payment control services that enable your business to keep all spending under control.

The complete payment control package offered by QNB includes:

  1. Real-time SMS alerts: Know when specific transactions are performed by your employees who are holders of any QNB Corporate Credit Card

  2. Spending controls: Employees’ spending is kept within a budget by assigning an individual authorization limit that cannot be exceeded without the Company’s approval

  3. Block access to certain types of spending: You can request QNB to block specific cards from being used for international transactions, online payments, or certain merchant categories – you decide the specific access you want to give to your cardholders

  4. Geo-blocking: You can request QNB to geographically limit acceptance of cards selectively in any country you require

  5. Access to certain types of spending only: You can request QNB to block all transactions for specific cards except certain specific transactions (e.g. request for a specific card to be used only for payments to Government entities in Qatar, with a specific authorization limit)

Contact your dedicated Relationship Manager for more information.

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