QNB Pay (Android)

QNB Pay is a feature of QNB Mobile Banking which allows you to digitize one of your credit, debit or prepaid cards in order to make contactless payments through POS terminals simply by tapping your smartphone. QNB Pay is a convenient alternative to cash and physical card payments. You can digitize your card under Cards/QNB Pay menu. The service is initially available on Android smartphones.

Pre-requisites to use the service

  • NFC chip is required to enable contactless payments on your Android smartphone
  • Device Registration and Biometric Authentication need to be activated through QNB Mobile Banking for your user
  • As you pay at a POS terminal, the QNB Mobile Banking App needs to be running in the background on your device


  • Log in to QNB Mobile Banking App on your Android smartphone.
  • Select Cards/QNB Pay menu and select your credit, debit or prepaid card to digitize with QNB Mobile Banking App.
  • Enter the card’s CVV number then click on the Register button, which will generate an SMS PIN.
  • Upon the successful SMS PIN entry, you will need to read and accept the Terms & Conditions before completing the digitization.
  • Once the digitization is completed, a confirmation message will be displayed and an SMS will be sent to you.

QNB Pay payments with QNB Mobile Banking

  • The merchant enters the amount on the POS terminal.
  • Check the amount of payment on the POS terminal. Wake your smartphone by pressing any button. Tap your smartphone on the POS terminal and confirm with biometric authentication through QNB Mobile Banking.
  • After the Biometric Authentication is completed, a timer will start and you will be required to tap on the terminal before the timer runs out.
  • Once you re-tap on the POS terminal, a confirmation message will be displayed and you will receive an SMS confirming the transaction.
  • You can check the transaction details in the Card Summary (similarly to any card payment).


  • Login to QNB Mobile Banking on your Android smartphone and select Cards/QNB Pay menu.
  • The Overview screen will be displayed with the registered card details, click on Unregister.
  • A confirmation message will be displayed and you will receive an SMS notification.
  • Alternatively, you can also contact our Customer Call Center on  44407777 to un-register your card or device.

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