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Looming headwinds weigh on Euro area economic growth

Late last year, the Euro Area was facing significant headwinds from a battery of deep and...

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Worldwide debt levels set to pose long-term risks for global growth

The Covid-19 pandemic represented a negative shock of unprecedented magnitude to the global economy, causing the sharpest contraction in activity...

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How to interpret the US yield curve inversion?

US economic growth has surprised to the upside in recent quarters, supporting global demand through a period of weakness associated...

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Southeast Asia is unlikely to return to pre-pandemic growth in 2023

Before the Covid-pandemic, Southeast Asia was one of the most dynamic regions in the world with the highest growth outlook....

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What to expect of the EUR going forward?

The Euro (EUR) has appreciated significantly against the US Dollar (USD) since September 2022, when it bottomed on the back...

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